Transregional Collaborative Research Centre

TRR 355

Our Vision

Regulatory T cells (Treg cells) are considered crucial modifiers of immune responses. It is becoming increasingly evident that Treg cells are a far more heterogenous cell population than previously appreciated. However, the cellular interaction partners of Treg cells in distinct niche-specific contexts as well as the code(s) that tissue-resident Treg cells use to communicate with other cell types are largely unknown. Moreover, it is unclear how Treg cell heterogeneity develops and how it is maintained.

We believe that it's time to re-think Treg cell biology for the development of tailored immune therapies that also target organ regeneration and restore tissue homeostasis

Our team of researchers pursues a concerted effort that aims to identify organ-specific and disease-specific molecules or processes that might qualify for further validation as targets for interventional approaches.

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